Entropy CCR Casting Resin Liquid Colorant Kit of 6 vivid shades

Range of brightly colored liquid dyes made from water.

Bright colors designed to be mixed with Entropy's epoxy resin.

Kit includes Berry Red, Lemon Zest, Lily Pad, Eclipse, Snowy Peaks and Celestial Blue.

25 g bottle made of recycled plastic.

Also available in soft color: ref: ER-TINT-S-6

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Liquid dyes used to color Entropy resins.

Shades can be mixed to create the exact shade you need.

The color will fade in sunlight; it is not intended as an exterior finish.

Directions for use:

- Shake well before use.

- Add a few drops at a time to the resin/hardener mixture and mix well.  

A small amount is required (approximately 1 part tint to 1000 parts epoxy mix).

- If necessary, add more drops until the desired shade is achieved.

Advantage: Drop-by-drop system for optimal dosage.

Note: These shades will degrade over time when exposed to direct sunlight and intense UV light.

These shades are not intended for permanent outdoor exposure.

Each shade comes in a 25g recycled plastic bottle with a nozzle designed for precise control. Keep in mind that these pigments are dense, so only a small amount is needed, and results will depend on the amounts used.

Be sure to practice before pouring and be careful if you want a translucent look.

In keeping with Entropy Resins' environmentally friendly ethos, all of these shades are water-based and ideal for epoxy river tables, jewelry, molding applications, and surf, skate and snow boards.

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