Custom jointed panels

Custom made Asian teak jointed panels

Our jointed panels are custom made to order.
Teak slats are epoxy glued with FFE-200 to a laminate and caulked with Teakdecking Systems' SIS440 products.
Black, white or grey joints are available.
The price of the jointed panel is calculated per m². (the price for a panel longer than 2m is higher than the price for a panel longer than 1m90)
You can use the filter on the left to define several criteria (length of the panel, width and thickness of the slats).
For a quote, please fill out our form
Please allow five to seven weeks for manufacturing.
Please note: to facilitate transportation, we make panels with a maximum width of 60 cm. For example, if you want a jointed panel of 1m20, we will make two jointed panels of 60cm wide.

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