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Teackdecking Systems

Maintenance and protection

  • Teakdecking System

    Teakdecking System

    <h1 style="text-align:center;"><span class="category-name"><span style="color:#2b7e27;">Maintenance </span> </span></h1> <div class="rte"> <h6 style="text-align:justify;">Maintenance product for teak to clean but also to sober your teak. Eco-friendly product, compliant with the Florida Clean Marina program and the international MARPOL convention.</h6> </div>
  • Teak Wonder

    Teak Wonder

    <p style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="" width="1109" height="252" /></p> <h6 style="text-align:justify;"></h6> <h6 style="text-align:justify;">We stock various products for the maintenance of your teak deck for different uses; to clean, lighten and protect. You can lighten your teak with the Teak Wonder range.</h6> <h6 style="text-align:justify;">To reduce maintenance, we advise you to protect your teak with our protection products.</h6> <h6 style="text-align:justify;">Teak being a rotproof wood, it will not be damaged! On the other hand, without any protection, this one will gray over the years. In order to keep its original color and avoid this, it is important to maintain your deck.</h6>
  • Veneziani yachting - oil & varnish

    Veneziani yachting - oil & varnish

  • Blanchon Oil - Flooring

    Blanchon Oil - Flooring

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