Plywood panels

Okoume marine panels

Our Okoumé marine plywoods are ideal for making deck substructures, they are not intended to be used as a decorative element, they have appearance defects (glue marks).

FLEXITeakcell plywood

Ideal for cladding, making cladding panels. It consists of a Burmese teak face and an Asian beech face.

Teak marine plywood

Composed of a marine Okoumé side and a Burmese teak side.

Boat deck plywood

Composed of an Okoumé side and a teak jointed deck style boat deck

A plywood panel is a panel obtained by gluing several sheets together. These different sheets make up what is known as a ply (always in odd numbers).

We can cut plates to your dimensions on request.

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