For all technical questions when carrying out the laying of your bridge or advice in the choice of materials, call the customer service Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 at 04 73 91 24 97 and Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00 at 06 07 94 17 42.

• Oxidin type detergent (depends on the surface)
• Stratiprim fastening primer (ref. ST500)
• MSPS parquet adhesive (ref. CO5MSPS)
• Optionally patching for leveling (ref. RA15000, RA5000)
• Plastic bag, paper towel
• Orbital or belt sander

• STEP 1 - Support
- Make sure it is clean and dry.
- For new slabs, wait 4 weeks for drying.
Regarding the smoothing cement wait 1 week minimum.
On old tiles, clean with an oxidin type laundry then rinse thoroughly and ensure that the temperature of the premises is 15-20 ° C and that the hygrometry of the room is about 50%.

• STEP 2 - Preparation
- Open the packaging and place the floor on the floor of the future room to be used for a few days so that it adapts to the hygrometry of the room.

Never put a floor whose humidity is higher than 12%!

NB: On heated floors check the compatibility of the floor, turn on the heating for 1 week then cut the 24 hours before installation. Perform the steps below. After gluing, wait at least 1 week before turning on the heat very gradually.

• STEP 3 - Implementation
- If the floor is porous, use our Stratiprim primer, spread the MSPS adhesive (about 1.5 kg per m²) with a 3mm notched trowel.

• STEP 4 - Pose
- Paste plot by plot.
- Then lay the blades on the floor as you go. The floor must be stopped about 5mm from the edge of the walls.

STEP 5 - Joint "boat deck"
- Aspirate the floor, leave the cartridges at 25 ° C for use so that the seal flows well to the bottom and does not trap with air.
- Make sure your grooves are clean and free of dirt and dry.
- Pull the seal as you go (have a plastic bag and paper towels).

STEP 6 - Drying
- The gluing of the parquet is dry in 24 hours minimum and it will take 1 week for the joints.

STEP 7 - Sanding
- Carry out a slight finishing ginning to avoid any disassembly.
- For joints, sand them with an orbital sander.

STEP 8 - Finishing
- Apply the desired treatment (vitrimat, sealer or other vitrifying) on a clean floor.
Attention on the choice of the glazier with the joints.

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