Teak Flooring

Burma teak parquet

We have in stock different sections (66x10 mm, 70x15 mm 90x15 mm and 120x18 mm), of various qualities (grade A and grade B).

We offer solid jointed parquet in 70x15 mm, 90x15 mm or 120x18 mm and parquet with a ship's deck style (parquet with a joint between each strip).

For gluing, we recommend MSPS parquet glue. It is necessary to count 1kg per m².

For the boat deck parquet, you need to count one cartridge of TDS joint per m².

Before treating your parquet, we advise you to leave it natural. Once treated, there is no going back!

To treat your floor, depending on the aspect, we advise you :

- The vitrimat for an aspect (1 only coat)

- Vitrimat for a glossy look (at least 3 coats)

- TDS sealer for a natural look.

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