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CCR: Transparent casting resin

BRT: Optical quality laminating resin

ONE: high-content polyvalent epoxy resin BIO

305: compression moulding epoxy resin


ENTROPY (résine bio sourcée)
ENTROPY (résine bio sourcée)

ENTROPY is a brand of bio-based epoxy resin that uses plants to replace petrochemicals with renewable materials.

The SUPER SAP manufacturing process reduces the impact on the environment while providing a high quality, high performance epoxy.

Through green chemistry, sustainable raw materials and a controlled manufacturing process, ENTROPY saves energy, minimizes harmful by-products and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Various uses :

  • Epoxy for lamination (gluing, coating, wood...)
  • Epoxy for optical quality lamination for white surfboards
  • Casting epoxy
  • Clear laminating epoxy for surfboards, surfboards, etc...
  • Compression moulding epoxy

ENTROPY (résine bio sourcée)

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