Burma teak parquet

We have in stock different sections as well as different qualities that you will find in the teak parquet section. We offer different styles of parquet. You can lay a teak floorboard or teak deck boat deck (with a joint between each batten).

You will find all the products necessary for the installation and the maintenance of your parquet in the sections concerned (glue and maintenance).

You will find in the advice section the cards relating to the assistance of the installation of a joined solid parquet or the installation of a parquet way bridge of boat.



  • Teak Flooring

    Burma teak parquet

    We have in stock various sections (66x10 mm, 70x15 mm 90x15 mm and 120x18 mm) as well as different qualities (grade A and grade B). We offer solid joined parquet in 70x15 mm, 90x15 mm or in 120x18 mm and parquet deck boat (parquet with seal between each batten).

    For gluing, we recommend MSPS parquet glue. It takes 1kg per m²

    For deck deck flooring, a TDS caulking cartridge per m² is required.

    Before treating your parquet, we advise you to leave it natural. Once treated, there is no turning back!

    To treat your parquet, according to the aspect, we advise you:
    Vitrimat for one aspect (single layer)
    Vitrimat for a shiny appearance (at least 3 layers)
    TDS sealer for a natural look.

  • Glues

    Glue for parquet

    Before laying, make sure your floor is dry and free of dirt!

    For the installation of your parquet, we recommend MSPS parquet adhesive which is a one-component adhesive compatible with heated floors.

    If your floor has cavities, is porous or is not level, we advise you to upgrade your floor with a two-component polyurethane resin for leveling (self-leveling) and leveling of floors. Sand lightly before placing your floor.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance of the teak parquet

    At first, we advise you to leave your parquet as is to see if you prefer natural or treat. Once treated, it is more difficult to go back.

    You can :

    - Treat your
    floor with the TEAK WONDER product range. Note that you will have a orangey rendering.

    - treat your floor with the Teakdecking Systems product range. This product allows you to have a natural look while protecting your teak (no matt effect, shiny, orange).

    - treat your parquet with an oil of the Blanchon brand. Note that you will have a orangey rendering.

    - treat your parquet with vitrimat varnish. For a matte finish, pass a layer; for a satin finish, pass two layers; for a brilliant rendering, pass three layers.

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