Reinforcement angle (glass/epoxy 5 ply) DUFLEX 84mmx84mm length 2400mm 2100g

Reinforcement angle (glass/epoxy 5 ply) DUFLEX 84mmx84mm length 2400mm 2100g

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FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) reinforcement angle

Composite 90°C Reinforcing Corners have been designed to provide a quick and efficient way to create right angle joints between DuFlex and Featherlight panels. These pre-cured angles can be bonded with epoxy adhesive paste, which speeds up assembly. No wet coat is required, they are simply installed with proper surface preparation and are ideal for inaccessible areas where bonding would be difficult.

All FRP bonding angles are supplied in 2400 mm lengths and consist of multi-axial E-Glass layers in a high-performance epoxy matrix with the appropriate fiber direction for optimal load capacity and stiffness. Reinforcing angles are manufactured with a layer of peel ply to aid secondary bonding, which is removed prior to assembly.


  •     Lighter and more consistent
  •     Faster to install especially in case of overloading
  •     Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio
  •     Can be bordered and curved for wall bases
  •     Stress reduction between laminates
  •     Resistance to wear and tear
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84 mm
2400 mm
1 cornière
2400x84 mm
Biaxial epoxy
Angle irons
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