Please check your package when delivered and express reserves when necessary before signing receipt.
For any delivery issue, feel free to contact us by phone : +33(0)4 73 91 24 97 from 9am to 12am and from 1pm to 5pm.
Or send us an email to or via our contact form.
Picking an order directly from our logistics warehouse? Go to 56, rue des Foisses - 63170 Aubière - France - but please call us first to make an appointment.

Shipping costs
The shipping costs include the preparation and packing costs as well as the shipping costs. The preparation costs are fixed, while the shipping costs vary according to the total weight of the package, its destination and the size of the package.
We recommend that you group all your items in one order. We can not combine two orders placed separately and shipping charges apply to each of them.
Box sizes are appropriate and your items are properly protected.

Directeck has adopted the SSL encryption process to protect data related to personal information and means of payment. The payment on our site is completely secure thanks to the online payment system of our banking partner: BNP PARIBAS MERCANET. Your bank details are transmitted to BNP PARIBAS MERCANET securely. Your payment is 100% secure.
We also offer PayPal which allows you to pay online without disclosing your financial information during the transaction. You have the possibility to make your purchases by entering only your email and password PayPal. Payment by Paypal is in accordance with the regulations Bank cards for distance selling and telepayment. It also complies with the regulations of accepted card networks.