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Teak is a tropical tree whose name comes from the Malayalam (a language of India), Thekku.
It is a high quality wood recommended for the manufacture of boat decks but also for the realization of luxury furniture and garden furniture. Indeed, teak is rot-proof because it is saturated in natural teak oil.
Legal wood steps for the EU - News:
Burmese teak is a slow-growing species that varies according to its country of origin. It is a tree that can reach a diameter of 1.5m for a height of 27 to 30 m and its density is 600 to 800 kg m³.
From the age of 20, the teak tree flowers every year; its leaves are grouped in white and fragrant cymes and its fruit is edible.
The color of the wood varies according to its plantation (environment...), it can go from pale yellow to bronze or reddish beige with dark veining.
Burmese teak is a medium-hard wood, which makes it easy to work with; its fibers are straight and rigid with a tight grain, allowing a very smooth finish. It is harvested at about 70 years of age.
Burma teak is a wood that is extremely resistant to climatic aggression; it is not affected by insects or termites (except in the sapwood). It is also not very impregnable.
Its tight and fine grain makes it a very appreciated wood by cabinet makers. Its advantages (very resistant wood, rot-proof...) make it a very appreciated wood for the naval construction but also for the parquet floors and the outdoor furniture.
When you carry out work, demand that it is Burma wood! Indeed, teak that is not original may not be of good quality for shipbuilding; the wood is not tight and many knots are present!
Moreover, Burmese teak is mostly managed in plantation forests.
Our teak is honey colored.
We guarantee that our wood comes from Burma. We have the certificate of origin forma A and phytosanitary.