Epoxy resin


This range offers you a wide choice of epoxy resin thanks to its multiple components, adaptable for a wide variety of uses. WEST SYSTEM epoxy resins are known for their strength and resistance to humidity: they can be used as an adhesive or coating on fibreglass, carbon, wood, aluminium, steel, ferro cement, polyester...

PRO-SET range

This range of high quality epoxy resins specialised for professionals allows you to make high-performance, light and resistant composites, especially designed to operate in extreme environments. Ideal for lamination, infusion, working at high temperatures, assembly and gluing as well as transparent coatings.


Biosourced epoxy resin that uses plants to replace petrochemical products with renewable materials. This range of resins allows you to create an infinite number of possibilities for all your projects. Ideal for surf/paddle making, artistic creations such as river tables, jewellery, lamination or to make compression mouldings
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