Application Tools

WEST SYSTEM tools are reusable plastic tools. The epoxy does not adhere to the plastic because of its smooth surface. We offer a wide range of tools that will allow you to carry out your work with complete peace of mind!

To help you choose the right pump :

Hardener 205 and 206 A: 301A pump (ref: WS301A)
Hardener 205 and 206 B: pump 301B (ref: WS301B)
Hardener 205 and 206 C: 301C pump (ref: WS301C)

Hardener 207 and 209 A : pump 303A (ref : WS303A)
Hardener 207 and 209 B: pump 303B (ref: WS303B)
Hardener 207 and 209 C : pump 303C (ref : WS303C)

For large packagings (resins and hardener E and F), whatever the hardener, he uses pump 306-25 (ref: WS306-25).
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