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ENTROPY (bio-sourced resin)

ENTROPY, the first range of biosourced epoxy resins

Understanding the stakes of sustainable development for future generations and always anxious to offer even more innovative and high-performance products, it is in 2018 that the renowned American company Gougeon Brothers, also manufacturers of WEST SYSTEM, acquired ENTROPY.

Developed using green chemistry (SuperSap technology), ENTROPY resins contain up to 30% organic raw materials. In addition to their composition, their entire life cycle is designed to reduce their environmental impact.

With the exception of the hardener CLX, ENTROPY products do not contain any toxic chemical agents known as CMR.

Resins adapted to woodworking

ENTROPY resins are extremely well suited to woodworking and are ideal for carpenters and artists. Whether for large-scale projects or the manufacture of small objects such as jewellery, ENTROPY resins are excellent for casting as well as for river tables, transparent casts, and more!

Resins suitable for surfboard/paddleboard/gliding sports manufacturing

Resistant to UV rays and totally transparent, ENTROPY resins are also ideal for surfboards, paddleboards, skis and other board sports. They cover a wide range of manufacturing processes, from compression moulding to hot coating, from clear moulding to hand lamination.

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