Epoxy resin West System

Epoxy resin WEST SYSTEM

WEST SYSTEM is a company with 50 years of experience in epoxy. The WEST SYSTEM range is high quality, versatile products that can be modified to offer unlimited products. Ideal for construction and repair requiring increased resistance to moisture and naval stress. For repairing and building boats made of fibreglass, wood, aluminium, steel, composite materials, ferrocement and polyester.

An innovative dosing system

The pump system has been developed for precise and convenient dispensing of 105 resin and hardeners. They guarantee precise dosing of the resin/hardener mixture and eliminate all the mess associated with manual dosing. The pumps mount directly on the resin and hardener cans and are calibrated to deliver the correct ratio of epoxy at each pump pressure. Please note that the pumps are not the same depending on the hardener you are using and the packaging you have chosen!

Advantages of the epoxy WEST SYSTEM

These products are waterproof, shrinkage-free, softer, better adhesion on all materials ...
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