Arrangement / table
Arrangement / table

Storage / tables in teak from Burma

We have in stock a wide range of Burma teak accessories that will charm you and bring a warm and authentic touch, whether for your boat or your home.

Designed specifically for the marine world, these accessories will keep their authenticity in time.

We also offer custom-made if you do not find what you are looking for. To do this, simply send us a plan and we will quote you.

Arrangement / table


  • Teak accessory

    Accessory teak Burma

    We have in stock a wide range of accessories in Burma teak specially designed for the marine world. Our accessories will add a warm and authentic touch, whether in your boat or in your home.

    We have storage (glass door & toothbrush, toilet roll holder, glass holder, soap holder ...), flagpoles, handrails, tables ...

  • Table top

    Burma teak table top

    We have in stock Burma teak table tops and tables. We also offer hinges, folding brackets and stainless steel feet.

    We can also custom make a table top to your dimensions on a plan and on a quote.

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