For the boat
For the boat

Directeck, your teak specialist

Your specialist in Burmese teak for over 13 years offers you more than 700 references in stock and shipping in France, French overseas departments and territories and abroad.

Professional quality products

In close collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we have chosen to work with the best quality: we select the most beautiful species and import a wide range of Burmese teak products.

Aimed at both professional and private customers, our service is based on advice and listening to the needs of each person's project: decking, gluing and maintenance products... A specific request? We also offer custom-made products in our workshop in France!

Experienced partners

French distributor of the Teakdecking Systems brand, renowned for its caulking and maintenance products for teak decks, we have also become since April 2018 distributor of the WEST SYSTEM brand, the reference for epoxy resins. Since 2020, we have also been a distributor of the ENTROPY brand, the biosourced epoxy resins.

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For the boat


  • Wood supplies

    Burmese teak deck slats

    We offer two sawing qualities: decking and standard. Both grades are ideal for cruising boats. The decking quality (decking and semi-decking) will be preferred by the most demanding customers. 100% of stock is planed 4 sides. Possibility to make one or two rabbets on request.

    Deck frame

    These are 4-sided planed teak planks used to make the central and peripheral parts and deck frames.

    Timber or planks

    Depending on the profile and the desired use, the sections are often between 26mm and 78mm thick, from 52mm wide and 763mm long. All our edged boards are waxed in end wood, which preserves the quality of the wood during storage. Please note that on this product range there is a variation of +/- 5% on the dimensions.

    Plywood & Veneer

    Our veneers and plywood are suitable for a wide range of uses: plywood, marquetry, cladding, table tops, restoration and decoration of furniture and walls. Easy to cut, its thin thickness allows it to be glued to any type of support.

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  • Epoxy resin

    WEST SYSTEM range

    This range offers you a wide choice of epoxy resin thanks to its multiple components, adaptable for a wide variety of uses. WEST SYSTEM epoxy resins are known for their strength and resistance to humidity: they can be used as an adhesive or coating on fibreglass, carbon, wood, aluminium, steel, ferro cement, polyester...

    PRO-SET range

    This range of high quality epoxy resins specialised for professionals allows you to make high-performance, light and resistant composites, especially designed to operate in extreme environments. Ideal for lamination, infusion, working at high temperatures, assembly and gluing as well as transparent coatings.

    ENTROPY range

    Biosourced epoxy resin that uses plants to replace petrochemical products with renewable materials. This range of resins allows you to create an infinite number of possibilities for all your projects. Ideal for surf/paddle making, artistic creations such as river tables, jewellery, lamination or to make compression mouldings

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  • Maintenance and caulking

    Teakdecking Systems is the choice of professionals par excellence

    From caulking joints to epoxy glue, maintenance products and tools, Teakdecking Systems has developed and marketed its own brand of products for boat decks, always with the aim of constantly improving the quality and reliability of the works.

    Teakdecking Systems products guarantee comfort and durability: the answer to all your needs for your teak deck.

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  • Custom manufacturing

    Made to measure in our workshop

    We manufacture your custom-made joint panels and gratings in our workshop. All our products are made of Burmese teak by our carpenter.

    You can contact us via our contact form, by email or by phone at 04 73 91 24 97.

    To make you an estimate, we will need your full contact details, dimensions and a plan. We are able to make straight cuts as well as rounded, trapezoidal shapes...

    You can also purchase the supply to make your own jointed panel/grating.

    Please note that our jointed panels are made of Burmese teak and jointed with Teakdecking Systems products and our gratings are made of Burmese teak and glued with epoxy with WEST SYSTEM epoxy resins.

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  • Arrangement / table

    Storage / tables in teak from Burma

    We have in stock a wide range of Burma teak accessories that will charm you and bring a warm and authentic touch, whether for your boat or your home.

    Designed specifically for the marine world, these accessories will keep their authenticity in time.

    We also offer custom-made if you do not find what you are looking for. To do this, simply send us a plan and we will quote you.

  • Tools


    From small repairs to large construction sites, we have the tools you need to build or repair your boat. We have in stock a wide range of tools to help you in your work. We have tools for the realization of your joints, drill bits, pilot forests, pistols for cartridges and sausages, fixed deck for the realization of your bridge, tools to repair or renovate your joints, plugs...

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