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  • Floors

    Burma teak parquet

    We have in stock different sections as well as different qualities that you will find in the teak parquet section. We offer different styles of parquet. You can lay a teak floorboard or teak deck boat deck (with a joint between each batten).

    You will find all the products necessary for the installation and the maintenance of your parquet in the sections concerned (glue and maintenance).

    You will find in the advice section the cards relating to the assistance of the installation of a joined solid parquet or the installation of a parquet way bridge of boat.

  • Teak accessory

    Accessory teak Burma

    We have in stock a wide range of accessories in Burma teak specially designed for the marine world. Our accessories will add a warm and authentic touch, whether in your boat or in your home.

    We have storage (glass door & toothbrush, toilet roll holder, glass holder, soap holder ...), flagpoles, handrails, tables ...

  • Solid teak worktop

    Make your own teak worktop with our kits or entrust us with the realization,
    from the simplest to the most complex, we will manufacture the work plan of your dreams.

  • Terraces

    Rather teak or guariuba? Choose the terrace that suits you according to your needs and your budget.

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