Epoxy adhesives for making Burma teak gratings

We offer two-component epoxy glue for gluing. We have in stock different packaging.
We recommend WEST SYSTEM G/Flex 655 epoxy adhesive. It is a glue that does not torque, is pre-loaded and remains flexible. Polymerization after 12h at 20°C and maximum polymerization after 36h.

The epoxy glue CRST is itself a teak color glue.

Before gluing, we recommend that you make a blank montage of your grating.


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    Versatile bi-component epoxy adhesive for waterproof bonding of fiberglass, ceramics, metals, plastics, wood and fabrics. Formulated to create structural bonds that absorb the stress of expansion, blows and vibrations. Easy to use, 1: 1 mixing ratio. The working time is 45 minutes and the pot life is 75 minutes at room temperature. Hardening in 3-4 hours...

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