Vacuum infusion moulding

Vacuum infusion is a technique used in the boating industry, wind energy, etc... This process allows mass production of large parts (aircraft, wind turbine, boat hull...). Moulding by vacuum infusion consists of placing dry reinforcements in a vacuum in a mould closed by a tarpaulin, which are impregnated with resin that is sucked up by the vacuum created in the mould.

The advantages

  •     Improves the strength of the composite
  •     Helps to save weight
  •     Use of the right amount of resins required (best strength-to-weight ratio)
  •     Realization of large and small parts in one-shot mode

The PRO-VAC range

The PRO-VAC range was created in 2011. Their in-depth knowledge of the materials used in the vacuum process has resulted in a simplified product offering, specifically developed to meet the needs of today's advanced composites markets. To meet all the requirements of the composites process, they have created a range that covers the entire spectrum from low-temperature wet lamination and infusion to autoclave curing.


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